The Berniemodels 2004-2010

The Berniemodels international model contest was established in 2004 as a international model contest. The founders were the larger media company for magazine printing in Slovenia Delo revije, with JANA woman magazine, internationally recognized mannequin and photo model Bernarda Marovt and media producer Lucijan Vihar with his company Medias-Spekter.


The business strategy has derives from a belief that a media event, such as Berniemodels, can also be a serious business project, interesting for sponsors, which are presented in renowned medium, on appealing backgrounds and by models, which are being chosen among more than 500 girls from six countries. This certainly makes Berniemodels the biggest fashion casting in South Eastern Europe and the number of viewers, readers and visitors of our webpage, which exceeds almost half a million, proves that this project was for sure interesting for the sponsors.

The BM project was consisted from of four phases:

  • The Castings
    Selection of 12 finalists from different countries
  • The Final photo session
    Seven days media production / photos and video /
  • The Super finals
    Public event transmitted by national TV
  • The award trial modeling work
    The winner receive a trial work as model in Milan

The Berniemodels project in numbers form 2004 - 2010

  • 32 sponsors
  • 2400 entrants
  • Models from five different countries
  • 84 finalists
  • 7 winners
  • 70 pages of PR articles
  • 18 television reportages
  • 380 minutes of TV program
  • 190 pages of photo reportages

We have had photo and video productions in

  • Greece 2004 / cruising ship
  • Egypt 2005 / Sinai
  • Turkey 2006 / Antalya
  • Greece 2007 / Lefkas
  • Croatia 2008 / Opatija
  • Tunis 2009 / all ower
  • Tunis 2010 / all ower

Medias-Spekter NGO

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Berniemodels project team BPT ) is a service company that has been operating in the fashion, tourism and advertising sector since 2004. All pictures, films and other material on this side are protected by low. Photographers: Graziano Villa, Natalija Jelušič, Matej Lavrinc, Dejan Paska, Lucijan Vihar, Matjaž Očko, Viljem Klemenčič, Dejan Nikolič, Petra Nuzdorfer and Marko Turk.
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